Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm off to visit my sis today

I'll be home in a few days.  I was hoping to get my beauty blog up and running before I left but it's taken me longer than I thought to organize  all my ideas and such.  I did teach myself how to record and edit videos with my little HDwebcam and started shopping around for one I can use away from the computer.  But for now the one I have is decent enough.  I even have a couple of people who've said yes to interviews and a few tips to share.  I was hoping my new camera would record videos because I thought it would be super funny to record my sister and I trying to glue fake lashes on together since neither of us really know how to do it right. But it doesn't do videos.  Oh well.   I might still try with my old cam, it will just turn out grainy but I'm sure it'll be funny anyway.

My first flight has already been delayed thanks to the weather so I hope I won't miss my connection but I'd rather arrive late and ALIVE so I'm not going to stress out over it. I'm excited to see my nephews, it's been a little over a year.  I have all kinds of gifts for them from San Diego and a bunch of stuff for my sister that I know she can't get up there.   Anyway peeps, have a good weekend!  All those flying today, take it easy.  

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Totally Random and Pea News

-first let me start out by saying no I'm not pregnant!!  I say that first because every time I tell someone I have some news, that's the first thing they assume.  So no, it's not that.  I'll totally tell all about that when it happens.  

Anyway, ahem.

*I've been sort of looking for a job.  I say sort of because it's been a half ass attempt. Half ass because at this time I'm lucky enough to not really HAVE to work but now that I no longer(knock on wood) have all kinds of doctor's appointments or volunteer stuff I thought it would be a good idea.  I have a lot of sales experience in the past so I've been mostly concentrating on local stores.  I just want something part time and easy, maybe even seasonal until I go back to school.  Because, yes, I have decided to go back to school.  Not for what I originally intended to do which was teaching but for something else.  More on that later.  Anyway back to what I was saying.  A job.  I haven't had traditional work in a long time so I must have forgot about all those stupid personality assessment surveys companies make you take as part of the application process.  Because some of the questions were so ridiculous and even though I'm guessing I'm supposed to keep these questions private, I never signed anything binding me to do so and I figured I needed to tell you guys!  It's not like I'm naming names anyway.

So one of the questions was:

"How would you describe your level of confidence and self esteem?"

Not bad right?  Sounds like a relevant question to me.  Until I got to the answers.

a) I am more confident than most and have a high self esteem.
b) I have the same confidence as everyone else and an average self esteem.
c) I have less confidence than most and very little self esteem.

and I'm not lying

d) I have no confidence at all and no self esteem.

WHAT?  Do they really expect someone to choose "d" ?  Um.  Ok. On to the next.

"If you had five minutes until the end of your shift and a customer began asking you for help that you knew was going to take more than five minutes, how would you handle the situation?"

a) Ask another associate to help.
b) Tell the customer to ask another associate to help.
c) Help the customer yourself.
d) Slap him.

This leads me to believe that someone got slapped at this particular store just for asking someone who was having a crappy day and was ready to leave in 5 a question.

*Are you wondering why in tar-nation I would even be looking for a job, what with all the shark teeth and beach adventures I could be participating in?  Honestly the transition I'm in was all inspired by my trip to SD and a good talk with my BFF.  She gave me some really good advice and a sort of spiritual kick in the ass.  With all my smack talking I've still been living my life as a sick person in the waiting room.  And then when I finally really was ok again I still kept my life on the pause button waiting for the other shoe to drop or to get sick again.  It's time to put on some lipgloss and  move the hell on.  I think going back to work or school or both whether I decide to have a baby this year, next year or in 5 years is the best thing for me to do.  I'm going to study skin care and skin aesthetics.  It will be the perfect field for me.  Which leads me to my new project.

*I'm starting a new blog.  A beauty and skin care blog.  But not the "I need to show the world how to do everything because I'm a damn expert at all things beauty"  because I'm NOT.  In fact half the time I don't know what the hell I'm doing which is why I've decided to do this.  It will be for everyone.  All ages and cultures.  Real women, not intimidating beauty gurus or impossible to duplicate make up artist tutorials. Because who do women trust the most when it comes to buying beauty products?  Our friends.  Not sales people  who need to make quotas or celeb make up artist who get paid to mention certain brands.   I don't trust half the people who try to help me out when I go shopping because they usually have too much on.  And we'll all be involved in offering tips and product reviews, blog administrators AND readers.  I want anyone who wants to contribute something to do so.  Readers can send in posts, reviews,videos of hauls or tutorials about what works, what hasn't worked, what's on their minds, whatever.  And even though I freely admit that I'm not an expert or a make up artist AT ALL, there are a lot of things I feel completely confident in sharing such as nail care, nail art, skin care for sure.  Because I have the most ridiculously sensitive skin on Earth and just about everyone in my family has had problems with excema. I've been there done that when it comes to handling sensitive skin.   Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.  The point I want to get across, if any, is that it's for real everyday women by real everyday women and not only will it be fun, it will also be funny.  I'll be doing interviews, contest give aways, all kinds of exciting stuff. I've got some great things planned.  So stay'll see.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As I've said in the past.  I like re-enactments.  But mostly I like taking pictures of re-enactments.  My BFF is the only one I know who fully understands and appreciates the importance of it all.

Here we are at 13.  This was a school "best friends" picture.  Skip to 21 years later.  Notice that we have the same hair color in each photo.  This may or may not have been planned.  It wasn't until today when I posted this on my FB page that we noticed we were wearing opposite colors.  Reverse re-enactments are acceptable.  Next year we'll take the time to hang up an Asian fan.

 Saying goodbye to good friends when you grow up in a military family is accepted as the norm, unfortunately.
This was the summer of 93.  A year after she had to move to Japan because her dad got stationed there so she flew out to visit me that summer. This pic was taken on "our box".  My parents were really strict and barely ever let me step foot past the front yard so we often hung out on this electric box(yes electric).  My dad would always tell us it was too dangerous and to get off and sit somewhere else but we needed to command our "post" didn't we?  Anyway if they would let me go somewhere once in a while we wouldn't have to sit there would we?  So this is our reverse re-enactment of hanging out on "our box".  She also had one in front of her house.  Sometimes we needed to survey our domain from that box too.  That summer we pretty much went from hanging out in my room to hanging out on "our box" because like I said, my parents were super-strict and I was NEVER ALLOWED to go anywhere else.

This a re-enactment of how shocked we are. This year and last year, we're still shocked. What we are actually shocked over, I'm not quite sure.  My sister and her two oldest boys are also shocked.

This is a re-enactment of ,  " What?! What did that b*tch say about me?  Oh hell no we're calling her a$$ on 3 way and I'm going to listen!" circa Mean Girls.  I feel bad for her daughter who every year is forced participate in our foolishness.  I seriously had to stop and ask BFF,"Wait a minute, are we exposing this girl to inappropriate behavior?" because some of these pictures will not EVER see the cyber world .   She reassured me since we've been doing this every year since she was 3 that it was ok.  

This is BFF's BabyIsAllGrownUp Sandwich photo. Peanut likes sandwiches. People who've never been in one might as well just give up on life itself.

She is learning the importance of re-enactments.  We have stressed that to her throughout life.  It's a good thing.  Someday she will create her own and make us all proud.

We really love candles.  And flowers.  But mostly we like taking pictures with them 14 years ago so that we can re-enact them later.

We haven't decided if the theme song for this one should be "Reunited and it feels so goooood" from the 70s or Mariah Carey's "We belong togetherrrrr"  Whatevs

I have to wait another year to re-enact this one.  sigh......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Casa Beach, San Diego(or Children's Pool Beach)

My first day in SD, my BFF and I decided to go shopping but of course, I'm an island girl so my first request was to pay homage to the magical Pacific, the ocean of my birth. We drove to La Jolla so that I could take a look.  It was foggy and a little chilly but I didn't mind. (BTW these pix should enlarge if you click on them)

There were quite a few surfers, most of them in full wet suits mind you. The water was so "alive" that day and full of a happy energy.  I did not find any shark teeth not that I thought I could  have but still, it would have been nice.......

From our parking spot, this was the view to the south. I always lose track of direction if I don't know which way the ocean is.  When I lived in Hawaii though, since the ocean was in all directions, I never had any idea which way was where.

So obviously this is the view to the North and there was a surprise waiting for me up there(more on that later) but first I had to run down those stairs and touch the water.

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So this is what it looks like when a girl who's used to swimming in  85  degree water decides to try out water that is barely 68degrees.  yep.

I wanted to climb the rocks for a better view.

This would have made a great location for a photo shoot and I will not confirm or deny striking a few other poses but this one was deemed passable for blog view.

These 2 were taken for MrPea as I knew he would ask about the waves, just in case we need to move there. someday.  Not bad.  Usually he needs to wait for a hurricane to pass by to get good waves.

I have to say I saw a lot of dogs in California so I was happy about that.

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We had to ask a stranger to take a picture of the both of us because I still can't figure out how to use the timer on my camera.  The couple we asked looked at us like we had just asked them if we could buy some crack so this was the only one we took together.  That is my BFF.  Why fate saw fit to separate us by an entire continent, we'll never understand.  Then again, we were always being separated as kids cuz we got on everyone's nerves when we were together.

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Check out the carving on the rock.  A (now)legal "medicinal user" must have carved it there :o)

Here is the surprise that was waiting for me just a short drive to the North of where we were.  This is Children's Beach Pool.  But someone else had some children and this is where they live.

This seal must have heard I was snapping photos and came in from her swim to get in on it!

A couple of them were so fat and healthy, it was all I could do to keep myself from pinching them.  That would have been against the law though.  Still though, just one pinch would have sufficed.

Posted by PicasaThey all kept their faces away except for one.  I wonder what he was dreaming about smiling like that.

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What a delight to see beautiful animals living in the wild.  I know there was some controversy surrounding the issue of whether or not they should be allowed to stay so that this beach could be used for swimming.  But I don't know a child alive on this planet who would rather kick these babies off their safe haven so that they could go swimming.  I'd rather not swim if that were my choice but I'll keep my judgement to myself since I don't live there.

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One last look and it was time to go shopping.  I heart the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ok I fixed my pix

I finally fixed it so the pictures in my post last week show up.  Gosh!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I just realized those pix don't show up unless I'm logged in myself.  Wonderful.  I'll fix it soon.  I'm too lazy right now.  All is well, I made it safely home but I'm resting right now.  All that excitement was too much for me so I need some down time.  Pix soon- and good ones.