Monday, June 21, 2010

I forgot to publish this post last week and then got another sinus infection-oops

+So anyway here it is.  I've been sick since last Tuesday with yet another sinus infection.  I saw my doc who suggested I might be spending more time outdoors now that I no longer have access to an indoor gym so I should probably take antihistamines more often.  Much as I hate to, I'll have to comply. Last week I noticed this turtle nest and since then about 6 more have popped up plus one new one that Peanut and I found about 30 paces from my house just minutes ago. I  reported it to the Habitat Conservation people in my county who will now get the local Sea Turtle patrol to mark it for protection. So yay me.  SO continue reading this post but just pretend that it's last week instead of this week. Cuz it's all old news by now but you'll enjoy it.+

Click on the photos to enlarge, you'll see the details much easier.

I've been at the beach all week/weekend. Jogging and looking for shark teeth, all that good stuff. My finds have been nothing to brag about. Just a few here and there as I think I need to start riding my bike a mile further north where I used to find all my treasures. But it could just be the tide. Anyway, we've had a couple visitors to our beach and to our house I thought you might fall in love with.

While jogging last Friday, I came upon a sea turtle nest as I have in the past. BTW if by any chance you clicked that link and saw the one from the past I posted, then you'll be happy to know that when I passed  that very spot last Wednesday, there's a nest marked off in just about the same spot which likely means it's either the same Mother turtle or one of her offspring's nest.  Isn't it sweet to hear something like that after seeing all those oil spill dead animal photos on CNN?  It's true-I'll jog by there later and take a pic for you guys.

 But this one's special, not just because it's also marked for protection and 2.5 miles south of the one I was just telling you about . The wonderful thing about this particular one is that I noticed how "fresh" it was.

If you look closely, you'll notice her tracks going back to the ocean.

I marked it with stars for you in case your eyes couldn't find it.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheer Up Buttercup

This post is dedicated to a certain little bird who recently confided in me.....remember what I said.  Keep your chin up chickadee, we've all been there.  In the mean time here are some random occurrences to take your mind off the sad thing that the internets would be interested to know as well:

* A week and a half ago my ankles were attacked by yellow flies.  I didn't really feel anything until a couple days later when hellfire  itchy red bumps showed up and nothing would work.  Not cortisone, not aloe, not crying or cursing the air.  So you know, put that in your, "thank God that didn't happen to me" file.  The red bumps are still covering my ankles even now and yes they still itch dammit.

*I finally finished, "The Passion of Mary Magdalen," by Elizabeth Cunningham. Would I recommend it? hmmm.  As a Christian, make that an ex-Catholic Episcopalian, I can honestly say these kinds of stories don't freak me out in the least.   I wasn't  "there" so I don't know what happened and I'm not going to miss out on a good story just because of someone else's uptight issues. But if I do recommend the book it would be because I think this book paints a really good portrait of the times and what life for women was like.  If I don't recommend the book it would be because I thought the writing wasn't as good as it could have been.  I think the author was trying to make the story more current by using a more slangy looser language and the poetry of the story kind of fell out the window by doing so.  I haven't decided if I'll read the sequel or not. I thought the writing in "The Da Vinci Code" was MUCH better but the story in "The Passion of Mary Mag" was better.  I'll just say this and leave it at that:  Take a look at it if you like 'sacred feminine-Earthmother' literature(which I do), stay away if "The Da Vinci Code"  unleashed an urge to burn books.

*Ohoh! Since we're on reviews, I saw Valkyrie yesterday. Yep, 2 years after everyone else did.  It was good.  I vaguely remember learning about this in my high school History class but it was very brief.  This is a story that should have been told.  I've heard many German Americans talk about how they were treated after the war.  I like to laugh at how weird Tom Cruise is but deep inside there's a little 6th grader who still thinks he's cute.

*True Blood starts this Sunday.  That should make you feel better Chickadee.  You love that show.  You heart Bill I know it.

*Whilst jogging this morning I took this picture.  I pass this little cement drawing everyday when I jog and I think it's funny considering the neighborhood it was drawn it.  If your eyes are not accustomed to Socialist propaganda(as mine were not either up until the 4th time I passed this and finally got it) then I'll tell you it's a hammer and sickle with a few paw prints.  This leads me to believe our little artist must have had a pup companion.  (Or should I say comrade?)  Anyway the point I was trying to make is the location.  If only you knew where I lived my friends.  I live amongst the sort of people who's cats have more money than the 98% of the rest of us.  Amongst the Teabagger-Tea Party inclined.  Apparently they have been infiltrated.

*And if that hasn't cheered you up my sad friend try this: This is my cheer up mug.  Purchased from Pottery Barn a couple months ago.  I had to use it all winter for tea and such because I was sick and I'm telling you, it's the cure for depression.

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How could anyone be greeted by this face over a cup of tea and still be depressed? Not me.  But then I'm always a sucker for a little friendly face.  Even if it is a ceramic one.

And I bought two,  there's one for you Chickadee so don't be a stranger anymore.  And don't be sad.