Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My declaration

I'm leaving in 2 minutes to go to the beach with Peanut but before I go I just have to say a couple things.  Since I hardly ever talk about Pop culture.  (Political rantings yes but I usually leave Pop culture alone)

-I don't care who or when or if Brett Favre(whose name everyone pronounces wrong even Brett Favre but that's another post for another day) sent or didn't send pictures of himself naked.  I couldn't care any less.  I don't care what image he had, didn't have, has now because of these pictures.  They are a non issue in my life. I don't need an apology since he didn't cheat/is not married to me.  This issue does not affect my wallet, my health or my self esteem.

-I still don't care who Tiger Woods slept with or didn't sleep with.  I'm not interested in whether or not his wife ran after him with a golf club or who crashed their car.   If I don't buy Nike products or if I do it has nothing to do with Tiger Woods.  I didn't need an apology because I still hate golf and whether or not another pro athlete(like everyone was so damned surprised that another pro-athlete cheats) cheats or doesn't cheat will ever change that.

-I didn't care when Brad left Jen for Angie.  I thought he was a good looking bad actor then.  I still think he's a good looking bad actor now.  I'm tired of hearing about how "great" Jen is doing now.  Of course she's doing great, she's a talented and beautiful woman who's moved on with her life just like millions of other women who married asshats who cheat.

-I'll admit I was a little freaked out by Mel Gibson's "demon-like" rant but only because I was in an abusive relationship in my teens so listening to it did traumatize me a little.

However, unless a person breaks a law(regarding violence), does something to affect my life, job or family, or harms a child or animal: I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS and I don't understand why we're all supposed to.

BTW on a more fun note, I finally got my beauty blog up!  Go check it out I posted a video :o)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back from the Underworld

The Antihistamine/Decongestant Underworld I mean.  When I got home from visiting my sister last week I thought, "Wow I got plenty of rest, I took Zyrtec everyday and ate healthy!  I didn't catch a cold-woohoo I'm home free!"  I thought wrong.  Two days later I got that sore throat announcement.  I'm finally beginning to feel better but the pollen in the wind is giving my head a good pounding.  The funniest thing about it too is that  I should have caught a cold or flu on my last trip.  Because the whole time I was in San Diego I didn't sleep at all, I didn't eat as much as usual and I'm not used to dry air.  I was like a baby, too excited to fall asleep.  There was one night I stayed up staring at the wall the entire time wishing I could sleep.  This was after two Advil PMs and I still couldn't sleep. And instead of resting like an excancer patient should, I went to that Cleopatra spring spa all day and danced all night with my BFF that night.  And still couldn't sleep after that.  So on my way home I kept thing,"Oh NO!  I hope no germy person breathes a virus on me cuz my immune system is too exhausted to keep me healthy right now!"  And I didn't get sick.  But this time at my sister's home, I slept so good and ate so much and didn't go dancing(well ok maybe in the kitchen we busted some moves but that's it I swear!).....oh well anyway.  I had fun pinching cheeks, eating my sister's good home cooking, going make up shopping while the boys were at school and taking silly pictures.  I do feel some guilt about the fact that one night her 4 year old started rapping a line from Baby Got Back but in our defense, we didn't even listen to that song!  I freely admit that it was our fault.  I asked him later on during his bath what kind of songs they sing in his preschool and he said to me frankly,"Not our songs Auntie, because I think (insert teacher's name) wouldn't like our songs."  I said,"Yeah you're right it's probably not a good I idea to sing that at school or anywhere else........" oops.

My 4 year old GodSon is the only one who doesn't need to be coerced and bribed into taking photos. We posed:

We shushed each other.

    We played stop or I'll squirt

And then we feel asleep.

Ok we pretended to be asleep.  Can you tell?  I am in full make up and the little one is about to start laughing.

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Her oldest back there is now a grown up and would rather watch Hawaii 5-0 than engage in our inappropriate behavior.  So we gave him an assignment as our photographer.  I'll post more pix later....Peanut is giving me "the look"

I miss them.  I cried on the way home.