Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello You. So ok I'm not dead.......

Are you still there?  Do you still heart me?  Are you mad that I've been gone?  Did you feel abandoned by Pea?  My answers would be yes, yes, yes, and yes if I were you.

 I offer no excuse.  Only that my heart wasn't here.  I found it difficult to write about a beach I loved so much when for so long that beach represented the last place I saw Mai alive and happy.  She loved my beach as much as I did and would always look through all my guide books/shark teeth/fossils whenever she was at my house.  I felt like a faker.  By the time I was ready to come back "life" husband and I had to move and it was a stressful Spring/Summer.  I missed blogging here.  I missed my blog pals and I went back to my lurking ways.  I've been wanting to revive things around here even if just for myself.  But I wanted to let you(whoever "you" are) know that I'm still here.

I don't live on my old "secret" beach anymore.  There aren't any shark teeth here nor as many pretty shells.  But  I have this view.  And I'm not giving it back.

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